Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education was founded in 2005. Its main goal is to introduce the person-centred approach of Carl Rogers to education in order to develop a positive and mentally free environment for learners.
RFP's main field of activity is to maintain the Rogers Academy, which is a successor of the high-school department of the Rogers Person-Centred School operating since 2000. In the Rogers Academy we deal with pupils aged 13-20 who need special attention due to learning or behavioural disorders. We teach inclusively pupils with as autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyscalculia, panic or depression, although most of our pupils are not identified as special needs – they have developed a high level of non-motivation to school. Our pupils undergo an experience-centred educational programme containing drama, board game, social competence building and environmental educational programmes that is how RPF can be directly involved in the piloting and dissemination of this project.


Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education