Schüler mit der schönen Zwerg-Barnefelder-Henne vertrautFor six weeks the chickens are at the school yard in a small moveable stable. The sixth grade is responsible for the chickens, which are old breeds (Zwerg-Barnevelder) and on the Red List. But there are some breeders who want to save the diversity. First the children were told how they provide the chickens right and that they must feed them also on weekend. That was no problem; the most were willing to take care about the chickens. The chickens became also part of the normal curriculum. A big topic was the keeping (cage versus free-range husbandry) and the right handling of the chickens. And of cause the chickens had to get names.

Links: Bezirksvorsitzender Max Michl macht die Schüler mit der schönen Zwerg-Barnefelder-Henne vertraut. (Foto: Adelmann)


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