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Laufen 2015 03 07 31 Large

ELENA Closing Event – Improve Nature Awareness – Living Animals in Education is a conference and a training course in the same time that offered a wide range of experience and knowledge about education for nature.






Between 6-9th October, 2016
The Conference and Training was held between 6-9th of October, an excursion and outdoor activities took take place on the last day.





Below you may find the detailed program and the links to the presentations. 


Thursday, 6th October - Plenum day

Opening and Greetings

Dr. Christian Stettmer, Wolfram Adelmann, Katalin Czippan, ELENA project management

Opening Lectures

Human to nature: Being connected
Katalin Czippan

Changing an environmental culture through Education
Mark Sultana, BirdLife Malta /Malta Ornithological Society

Plenum session: Country keynote messages - Living Animals in Education

Why living animals in school education?
Konstantin Klingenberg, University of Braunschweig

Connecting Education and Conservation by living animals
Natia Jakashivilli, Georgian Ministry for Environment

Lifelong learning - from experience to real life
Manana Ratiani

From the individual to the ecosystem
Beata Oborny, head of the Ecological Boundaries Research Group, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Developing new skills in education
Mihaela Antofie, Lucian Blaga University, Romania

Market place
Romanian partners (P4-5-7)

Friday, 7th October - Activity day

Plenum session – From Emotion to Education

Experiential learning – the link between emotions, experiences and learning
Ulrich Gebhard, University of Hamburg and Arne Dittmer, University of Regensburg, Chair for didactics of Biology

Human-Animal-Interaction – the psychological background
Andrea Beetz, Department for behavioural Biology, University Wien

Plenum session: Beyond ELENA – From entrepreneurship to nature based business

Future Based Entrepreneurship – A Natural Creation from an Ecological Perspective
Ildiko Kovacs, Micha Reimer

Compost Day
Andrea Nagy, Folk High School of the Region of Galga River Valley

Saturday, 8th October - Exchange ideas day

Plenum session – Lifelong Learning – From Experience to the real life
Chair: Katalin Czippan, ANL

Plenum session – Lessons from Practitioners

Experiential learning in practice –ELENA research results and impressions
Virag Suhajda, Rogers Academy Hungary and Wolfram Adelmann, ANL

Messages from ELENA Practitioners
Simona Morariu, School Nr21, Sibiu, and Sabine Weisel, Pfennigparade

Download just the program booklet here  


seminar und kongresshotel kapuzinerhof thcontentgalleryresponsive

The Conference and Training took place in Laufen, Germany, where the hospitable Kapuzinerhof welcomed the participants and ensured a great accommodation, meals and the perfect conditions for learning, experiencing and networking.

Venue and address:
Schloßplatz 4
83410 Laufen/Salzach, Germany


For Whom?

Teachers of the year

The conference and training course was held once for teachers, who work with youth and are passionate for nature and experiential learning; second, for decision makers working in the field of education. Teachers and decision makers found new methods on the conference and returned to their institution with new perspectives and fresh ideas.

The Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) and its ELENA partners organized the conference and training course and 80 professionals with diverse background from all over Europe participated.

Among other topics the followings were dealt with on the conference:

  • Involving living animals to teaching methods
  • Teaching responsibility, sustainability and nature awareness through indoor and outdoor activities with animals
  • Enhance students’ understanding in the topic of connection among animals, nature and way of living through practical lessons organized with involvement of living animals
  • Applying ELENA modules in classes and design lesson plans and activities building on students’ experiences during the course
  • Being able to organize joyful activities and to motivate and mobilize students while teachers enjoy their classes


The working language of the conference is English, even though some of the modules are available in the partners’ national languages too.


2015 Szeged 2See the conference keynote speakers and workshop leaders above, who are professionals in Nature, Sustainability, Biodiversity and Education from all over Europe.





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