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Feedback moving activity small

6-7-8 November 2015: Following the national teacher trainings and the first feedbacks on the ELENA modules it was just about time to discuss the results and to plan the next steps in the project.

A great deal has been achieved since the last meeting in March and we can proudly say that the trained Elena teachers delivering the animal assisted activities are making a real difference to the students in Germany, Georgia, Hungary and Romania. What’s more the partners have even overachieved the original goals, which shows how much they are dedicated to the major goal.
Group photo smallBased on the teachers’ experience and recommendations, the Elena team succeeded to reach a common agreement on the further modifications of each module in order to serve the teachers’ needs in the best possible way.It was also a time for the announcement of the partnership with Gaiagames the creator of the Ecogon board game. While the beautifully illustrated board game is engaging the players in the creation of ecosystems, they also learn about the different animal and plant species, their habitats, the importance of biodiversity and the sensitive nature of the ecosystems around us.