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Sibiu Meeting - Group

ELENA goes on. Targeting at its aim!

According to the ELENA motto - Face to face to nature – the four participating nations are facing their aim. At the latest meeting in Sibiu (Romania) the individual national teaching modules and activities were developed further. One highlight from the University of Sibiu (ULBS), our charming Romanian host of the workshop: Building up an ant farm in a jar.

Left: Practice for practice: ELENA-partners are testing the Romanian’s police dog training as a possible activity for the wolf/dog chapter.


In addition to that, strategies to motivate and teach the teachers in a cascading-system were advanced. With lots of creativity, commitment and engagement all partners are highly motivated. According to that ELENA could gain two more partners. We warmly welcome the Junior Achievement Hungary and the biosphere reserve "Biosphärenregion Berchtesgadener Land".Focusing on interdisciplinary approaches between different subjects, new strategies to implement benefitting from biological processes for economical issues were developed. To achieve a good connection with available content of teaching, several items in each curriculum were captured and linked to the new modules. Due to a better comparability, one common activity for all nations has to be developed as well: A role game, giving pupils the chance to skip between different views and argumentations pro and contra to build up an own opinion.

Amongst all this theoretical aspects there was a practical part at the meeting as well: The direct contact with living animals. The Romanian police gave an impressing performance of their dog training, which is possibly part of the development for the wolf/dog chapter. That was the point of no return for all partners: The enthusiasm was unstoppable. Everyone appreciated: That's the right way!

Ant farm in a glas