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P1030949 ELENAIn January the teachers of the Rogers Learning Academy started the piloting process of the ELENA exercises with great enthusiasm. The whole idea fitted quite well into the life of our program, because we have always had a touch to animals and ecology.

For example last year we already had a series of dog assisted therapy lessons. This year we also invited the same dogs again to have a second chance to know more about the behavior of dogs. We learned how to teach dogs some trick, we talked about the rules for keeping dogs in flats, and we had the chance to go and see some dog shelters, too. We focused this year on the connection of wolves and dogs: we invited a wolf expert, Pál György Gadó to talk to us about a film of his on the topic.


Another animal to introduce in Hungary was the earworm. We had several sessions to examine worms on their natural place, we listened how they sizzle and we had an Eco-day dedicated to put a worm habitat together. Kids enjoyed this work very much, but seemed less enthusiastic about the daily work of keeping the habitat wet. We will see how they will manage.

In May and June we are going to work mainly with ants. We are going to visit one of our teacher’s house in the countryside to try the exercises with ants. We also will try the wolf role play exercise in May.

We think it is important to share our experiences with others, so we are planning to take part in the ELENA teacher training session organized by Junior Achievement, Hungary.