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Junior Achievement Hungary, as a licensed franchisee of Junior Achievement Worldwide, has been running its programs in Hungary since 1993. As the member of Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe, it is one of the NGOs that is strong on both national and EU level. On a national level JA Hungary is the largest provider of entrepreneurship education programs reaching the students in more than 600 primary and secondary schools every year across Hungary.

JA Hungary is about inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. It has a long and extensive experience in providing skills development programs for students. Entrepreneurship education offers a bridge to the world of work, gives young people a real taste of enterprise and teaches them first-hand many of the challenges that they will face over and over again in the real world.

Junior Achievement Hungary

Ildiko KovacsMs Kovács has been the coordinator of international projects at Junior Achievement Hungary since 2012. She’s in charge of several projects that are all related to the education and skills development of primary and secondary school children. She has got 12 years of teaching experience, in her present position she is involved in educational material planning and development, in student and corporate volunteer trainings and also responsible for keeping contact with the key corporate and business partners. She is responsible for coordinating the ELENA project in Hungary.

Kata ErdosMs Erdős was working at Junior Achievement Hungary as a project assistant coordinating teacher training courses and supervising program implementations in schools. She was involved in providing the technical and administrative support for the ELENA project.

Tunde SzaboShe is holding a BSc degree in Mathematics at University of Szeged, completed an Accounting and Finance certificate course. Since 2012 Ms Szabó has been working at Junior Achievement Hungary as a project manager of large scale projects financed by the Social Renewal Program and the European Commision. She is in charge of preparation and presentation of financial reports and other financial documents in the project.

Vajda ArpadMr Vajda graduated from university holding a BA in biology and chemistry. He has extensive experience in teaching community development, curriculum development, training, organizing and coordinating professional and methodological services; establishing and coordinating a professional network. With his comprehensive knowledge and long history in trainings he supported the teachers in the ELENA project during the training.

Szandi Varga PeterPéter Szandi-Varga studied biology at the University of Szeged and works as a biology teacher. He has been involved in several national and international projects concerning sustainability and educational projects. He is the member of the Hungarian Association of Environmental Education. He is participating in the project supporting the content development. He is studying at the NYME Kitaibel Pál Doctoral School.


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