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Lucian Blaga University from Sibiu

The Lucian Blaga University from Sibiu (LBUS), funded in 1786, is part of the Romanian public education system coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research. Among the goals of the LBUS there are also the implementation of the education legal framework in this domain and further development of curricula in line with all political commitments. Today ULBS comprises nine faculties with different profiles and also couples of departments including the Department for Teaching Training. The University is involved in providing a broad curricula for bachelor, master and doctoral studies and as a consequence has a major role in preparing the new teachers for environmental education. Moreover, LBUS provides teacher training courses for all teachers working in gymnasium schools. The University is also experienced for many years in project management and implementation for educational and training issues and it is participating for many years in international educational programmes. Also LBUS acquired expertise for capacity building in education and research area for policy and regulatory framework development at the national up to the local level.

Lucian Blaga University from Sibiu


Maria Mihaela AntofieShe works at ULBS as a lecturer teaching among others conservation of biodiversity and genetics for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environment Protection. She is in charge of developing the curricula and organizing courses and laboratories as well as out-door courses and research activity. She works closely with the Department of International Relations for Academic Affairs for developing cooperation with foreign universities or international institutions in the field. She was involved in coordinating research projects and she is the Romanian coordinator of the UNEP GEF project for Biosafety. She has more than 8 years of experience in capacity building evaluation at national level including the international context as well. In the Comenius project she will share her experience and expertise in further developing educational programs, assessing new tools and means for biodiversity learning in schools including capacity building evaluation in Romania in order to reveal gaps and need for further developing the educational system including sustainability issues. She will coordinates at ULBS the dissemination of the project’s outputs and outcomes and she will participate in organizing professional teacher further training courses.


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