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Teacher Training Hungary

From 7th to 9th May Hungary started in Szeged the first national teacher training in activities with living animals, Now the basics were set, that "wolves", earthworm and ants will become part of classroom routine. 


Teacher Training Hungary

The Hungarian modules provided the teacher with a great variety of tools and methods.


Education with living anilmals - brochure


Turn the pages above or download from here: Education with living animals - Brochure

Lead partner

  • Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL)
    Department 3: Research, land use and international cooperation
    Projektmanagement: Dr. Christian Stettmer, Katalin Czippan and Dr. Wolfram Adelmann Seethalerstraße 6
    83410 Laufen
    Telefon +49 8682 8963-55
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