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ELENA Lehrerfortbildung Deutschland Custom

The highly motivated teachers in Germany pick up the new ELENA ideas for activities with living animals with joy and enthusiasm. During the three days of training were one highlight: The Romanian idea of building up an ant farm in a jar. And the german butterfly expert Ottmar Wanninger answered with the “Biscuits Hotel” for Butterflies - a very simply idea for students, to construct a Butterfly Habitat within an old biscuit box.


DSC05644 Custom

The teachers training cascading-system has started, like in Hungary and Romania, too. In Germany 19 teacher participated to the workshop learning about the new activities developed in ELENA – for bees, chicken, butterflies, wolf/dog and the new ant module. During the next month the teacher will apply, test and evaluate the new activities in practice. The majority of the teachers were fascinated by the simplicity of the ant farm construction in an old jar. The butterfly expert Ottmar Wanninger demonstrates his most simply way of constructing an Butterfly Habitat of an old biscuit box. (detail instructions see download).

Frühstück mit Bienen FotoIdee Elisabeth Brandstetter Custom

Elisabeth Brandstetter, from our new partner of the Biosphere Region Berchtesgaden, creates two nice comparison pictures: How would be your breakfast looks like, if pollinators, like honey bees or wild bees are became extinct (see pictures below!).