ELENA Project

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At our Academy we start the new year with an interesting experiment. The very first introduction of ELENA modules in Hungary were the testing of the playful games and excercises of the wolf/dog module in our institution in January. During the piloting period (until the teacher training in May) we collect the feedbacks of the pupils to figure out if any amendements are needed in the modules.

Our aims are not only to achive that pupils get knowlegde of and become attached to the certain species, but also to spread information about biodiversity problems and let them find their personal connection to these topics in order to understand their effect and to define their possibilities to resolve them.

Education with living anilmals - brochure


Turn the pages above or download from here: Education with living animals - Brochure

Lead partner

  • Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL)
    Department 3: Research, land use and international cooperation
    Projektmanagement: Dr. Christian Stettmer, Katalin Czippan and Dr. Wolfram Adelmann Seethalerstraße 6
    83410 Laufen
    Telefon +49 8682 8963-55
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